Monday, February 11, 2013


This is a 3' paperdoll out of cardboard for a church bulletin board. If you notice, she's a replica from the drawing in the bottom corner. They are going to use her to spotlight fair trade coffee. This coffee comes from small farmers in other countries, whom they are trying to help receive more of the profits to make a living wage.
So I still can't seem to bet back into some kind of routine! I've realized one thing, either I'm OCD or my perfectionism is getting in the way, not just depression. I keep thinking there has to be a perfect way to organize my things so I can find stuff! Consequently, I spend more time organizing than anything else! Of course, I live in a small house and that doesn't help anything either. Oh yea, there is the "I don't know how to do it so why try!" Hmph, my inner critic is alive and well. Some days, I just want to box everything up and quit! I use to blog regular, felt like I had something to talk about, and looked forward to it all. Right now, everything is such a chore! It doesn't matter what it is, it is a chore. I know this is temporary and I just need to keep working on radical acceptance.


Jane said...

Oh, Vickie, I do love your BIG paperdoll so much! Happy to see your post here - maybe it will inspire me to fix my Blogger problem with the photos & get back to it.
xo Jane

Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Lovin' your girl!! Vickie, love yourself the way you are! I believe you are perfect... And I bet I am messier and more cluttered and disorganized than you right now! Big hug, kath